Friday, November 14, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor

I previously blogged about some of my neighbors, and how helpful they were when I was trying to re-landscape my front yard (take out two monster shrubs that threatened to eliminate anything in their paths.) 

Now, during an unusual November cold snap, I need to add to it.

We were hit with a record-breaking eight inches of snow. It's unusual this early in November. Usually the first snowfall sort of meanders to the earth, sometimes melting, sometimes sticking around until the sun hits it.

Last night we had snow, about an inch and a half. I merrily scooped it off my three-car driveway. Haha, what great exercise, and nice, fresh air...

Then this morning I woke up to about three or four inches. Rats.

I had places to go.

I spent an hour outside, managing to clear the sidewalk, the walkway up to my door, and a little path up the driveway. Grateful that I chose a vehicle with four-wheel-drive, I went to lunch. Two hours later I returned home.

The snow was almost seven inches deep. Curses...

So I bundled up, grabbed my shovel and proceeded to join several neighbors attempting to get ahead of the weather. I noticed that the downpour of snow seemed to be lessening. Then to my surprise and delight one of my subdivision angels had driven his 4x4 with snowplow attached down our street. He visited each driveway that had a person shoveling (I assume he didn't want to plow driveways without permission) and proceeded to clean off the rest of my snow in five minutes. It probably would have taken well over an hour by hand.

Wow! I was so thankful! He went up the street, and helped several other folks out as well.

Aren't people grand? Most folks just want to do the right thing, to help their neighbors, to make this world a little better place.

I'm so thankful for the blessings I've been given. There is so much in my life to appreciate – my family, my friends, and even this awesome neighbor that I barely know.

Happy Snow Day. Happy November. Happy Thanksgiving. Please remember to always count your blessings!

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