Monday, October 13, 2014


I admit it. I am sometimes easily distracted.

Especially when I hit a snag in writing, or I've been editing for too many consecutive hours. Or when what I'm doing has become monotonous or tedious and I need a break.

I've noticed if I stay in front of my computer too long and my dogs and cats get bored, they will do almost anything to get my attention. The cats jump on my chair, and try to sidle onto my lap. The dogs will push against me, often bringing a favorite toy so we can have some play time.

The other day I was on a roll, figuratively speaking. The words were pouring out of my head and my fingers had trouble keeping up with the flow. It was great! However, something was amiss.

Where were my fur-babies? They weren't bugging me. I turned around to look for them and here's what I saw:

Thankfully I had my camera at hand so I could take several photos of Atticus Smash, sleeping while Luca kept a watchful eye on me. After several photos, I thought the law of averages would be in my corner, and I had captured "the look."

I went back to my typing, but a short time later turned around again. I made some oohing and ahhing noises at the bundle of kitties. Out came my camera, and several snaps later I was satisfied. My cats, Atticus Smash and Nemo, slept through it all.

Third time was charm – not only with my typing but also with the last of the animals. 

Dude was trying to look as cute as could be. I thought he succeeded quite readily.

So it went on all afternoon. They all looked so cute, and sweet just lounging around, sleeping, being perfect angels.

It worked. I broke down and took the dogs for a walk, and cuddled with the cats.

Sometimes it's nice to be easily distracted.